Flowerfield XXL 100 x 160 cm
Flowerfield 60 x 90 cm
Flowerfield Purple 60 x 90 cm
“Dancing heart II ” 100x100cm
” Dancing Colours” 5545 100 x 100cm
“Dancing Colours” 5546 100 x100 cm
“Dancing Heart I ” 100x100cm
“Dancing Colours” 5547 100 x 100cm
“Dancing Colours” 5548 100 x 100cm
All Colours dancing (80x 80 cm)
Dancing colours Red and Gold ( 80x 80 cm)
Dancing (80 x 80cm)
Dancing colours (40 x 80 cm)
Dancing colours Large (40 x 120cm)
Whistling 100x100
Whistling  (100 x 100 cm)


Spring Love 80x100
Spring Love  (80 x 100 cm)


Solitude II 80x80
Solitude II  (80 x 80 cm)


Solitude I 80x80
Solitude I  (80 x 80 cm)


Mystery 100x80
Mysterie  (100 x 80 cm)


My love 80x80
My Love   (80 x 80 cm)


Moment of Peace 100x100
Moment of Piece  (100 x 100 cm)


For You 100x100
For You  (100 x 100cm)


All Together 80x100
All Together  (80 x 100cm)


A lost Summer Dream 80x80
A lost Summer Dream  (80 x 80 cm)


Summertime 80 x 100
Summertime  (sold)


My Love
My Love I  (sold)


White Love I
White Love I (SonJART Gallery)


White Love II
White Love II (SonJART Gallery)


Springtime 120 x 100
Springtime (sold)


My Love
My Love II  (sold)


Reflections (SonJART Gallery)


Red Love I
Red Love I (SonJART Gallery)




Red Love II
Red Love II  (sold)


Moment of Peace
Moment of Peace  (SonJART Gallery)


Natural  (sold)


Poppies small II
Poppies small II  (available)


Lely small
Lely (small) (available)



Poppies small
Poppie small I  (available)


A Choice of Life
A Choice of Life  (SonJART Gallery)


Physalis  (sold)


Dandelion  (sold)


A Lost Summer Dream
A Lost Summer Dream  (SonJART Gallery)


In the Garden
In the Garden  (private)


Soliude II
Solitude II  (SonJART GAllery)


Solitude  (sold)


Blossom ( private)


Expressionist Flower  (sold)


Lely  (SonJART Gallery)


Blown Away
Blown Away  (sold)


Good Feeling
Good Feeling  (sold)